Learn the capabilities of your iPhone camera

Some people think you need a high quality, brand name camera in order to get that gorgeous photo, but you can get the best from your own iPhone without spending hundreds of dollars on that new Canon camera everyone is talking about. Just follow these simple tips and enjoy your great photos!

Your iPhone can take great photos; just remember, it is always about the light.

You may want to avoid using the flash because it can distort the image on your iPhone. Always pay attention to light and shadows when you are taking a photo. The light should fall on subject or action. The light should never go directly into the lens or behind the subject or action.

With the iPhone there are a few simple tricks to fix your lighting as well. If there is a great deal of light — for example, from the sun being too bright — or the image is washed out, tap once on the lightest part of the screen and you have just told your iPhone to close the lens a little bit to let less light in. If there is too much shadow and no details are showing up on the screen, you can also tap once in the dark part to let your iPhone know to let more light in and bring out the details in the darker parts.

Once lighting is figured out the hardest part is over. Just double tap the screen to make sure it is all fo- cused before taking your photo.

After taking your photo, you may want to use different effects to enhance the photo. Apps such as PicStitch and iRetouch are simple applications that you can use to fix your brightness, contrast, gray and color tones to make your photos just the way you want them before showing your friends and family. You can download these apps for free.

Now that your photo is edited and ready, share it by putting it up on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Amanda Boyer can be reached at amanda.boyer@student.shu.edu.

Author: Amanda Boyer

Amanda is a senior public relations major graduating in December 2015, a semester earlier than the four-year track, from Hillsborough, NJ. Prior, she was the Photography Editor and now holds the postion of being the Social Media Manager of The Setonian. She is also a freelance photographer for on and off campus events. As a writer, she is also a contributor to CupidsPulse.com, HerCampus.com and TheTaiLife.com.

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