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The Athletics Marketing department at Seton Hall University has now officially launched the new Seton Hall Interactive Points Sys- tem (S.H.I.P.S) for students.

Say goodbye to the long line at the priority point desk. The athletics department has created a new way for Pirate fans to check in at sporting events.

“With this new app we have a way for students to check in on their own time,” said Travis Tosoni, a graduate assistant working with the Athletics Marketing department. “We just wanted to make it easier for all parties involved.”

The S.H.I.P.S application is easy to download and can be found simply by searching for S.H.I.P.S. in the App Store.

“This is not just for freshmen,” said Tosoni. “This has been geared for all grades, and we think it’s an improvement for kids that were here before.”

Aside from all the perks that priority points can give students, the new S.H.I.P.S. program offers prizes such as gift certificates to places on campus such as the bookstore or Dunkin’ Donuts or free Seton Hall athletic gear.

“Not all the awards are set up yet,” said Tosoni. “The priority points will be there but once we get the rewards in order, people should be happy with it.”

Different events are assigned different point values, which can be found in the events calendar on the front page of the app.

The S.H.I.P.S. application also comes with a “FanCam,” where students can upload pictures of themselves at an athletic event. Students can also link their S.H.I.P.S. account to their own personal Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, automatically checking them in on other social media mediums.

The S.H.I.P.S. application check-in system is eligible for all events at Owen T. Carroll Field, the Walsh Gymnasium and the Prudential Center.

The next S.H.I.P.S. eligible check-in event will be Saturday’s men’s soccer game against Bucknell at 1 p.m.

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