Campus security can’t enforce speed limits

Public Safety employees do not have the ability to enforce traffic laws, but a Public Safety spokesman said that drivers must “proceed with caution.”

“We do not have law enforcement powers,” said E. Sergio Olivia, assistant director of administrative services for Public Safety. “We attempt to educate community members of the need to drive slowly.”

According to Oliva, the speed limit on campus roads is 15 mph, and its 5 mph in the parking deck.

Oliva also said that Securitas and Public Safety do not “have the ability to issue a Seton Hall ticket.”

However, Public Safety will enforce its policy if someone does not abide by the rules.

“Given the conditions and if it is observed by Public Safety, we could issue a ticket for ‘Failure to Obey Traffic Signs,'” Oliva said.

He added that Public Safety does not pull drivers over for speeding but can issue a ticket after an individual observed speeding has parked.

According to Oliva, the South Orange Police Department cannot enforce any traffic laws on campus because the University is private property.

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Correction: It is stated that Public Safety cannot issue Seton Hall tickets, they can.

Author: Tiffany Do

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