Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle on Campus

With all of the work and stress that comes with the job of being a college student, focusing so much on studies while neglecting one’s health is an easy trap into which anyone can fall. Part of becoming an independent young person is a higher sense of responsibility, which also includes taking care of one’s own health. Luckily for Seton Hall students, there are many outlets and programs on campus that promote a healthy lifestyle.

College students are famous for having some interesting diets, to say the least. But M&Ms and Red Bull for breakfast can only keep you fueled for so long before it catches up with you during the day.

Although there are some quick fixes for hunger at the cafeteria, it will pay dividends for your health to take the extra time to use food in the caf make a meal from scratch. That way, you can ensure the ingredients used are healthy. Opt to steam your own veggie dish, create a healthier bean and vegetable-based quesadilla or prepare a more wholesome Western omelet by swapping ham for chicken and skipping the extra cheese. Don’t be afraid to indulge once in a while. It can benefit one’s health to give into cravings. Just be careful not to make a habit of doing so.

While nutrition is a great start to becoming more health conscious, it is not the only step. Being physically active can be a challenge for many students with rigorous academic and extracurricular schedules, but making time for physical activity each day is a great stress reliever aside from being a huge component of a healthy lifestyle.

One of the benefits to being part of the Seton Hall community is access to the Richie Regan Athletic center, or The Rec, where there are many ways to get active on campus. Options include instructional fitness classes like Zumba and Pilates.

“The Zumba class that runs Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights has been very popular this semester, averaging 50 student participants” said Assistant Director of Recreation Services Brian Poll.

Also through Rec services is the intramural sports program, where students compete in a variety of sports against other SHU students and club sports teams that compete in intercollegiate leagues. Currently, the club sports teams consist of men’s ice hockey, soccer, lacrosse, volleyball and rugby.

“Intramural sports provide a healthy outlet for students to break the monotony of their everyday class schedule” said Poll. “Every year students look forward to our most popular intramurals-flag football, indoor soccer and basketball”.

Each year Rec services kicks off University Weekend by hosting the Annual Farinella 5K Fun Run on campus, which draws many students, athletes and alumni, according to Poll.

Without a doubt, you will be exercising your mind a lot during your time at Seton Hall. But in order to be completely well, you must balance your intellectual pursuits with your physical health.

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