Sunny’ still prime in season nine

Few television shows make it past a handful of seasons, so it’s a miracle of sorts when a low-budget buddy comedy that lacks a plot can be successful enough to make it to a ninth season.

“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has moved beyond a cult following to find a home in the mainstream.

“Sunny” centers on four friends with questionable morals and a keen appreciation of toilet humor who go to great, often over-the-top lengths, to insult and control each other, all the while trying to maintain order in their Irish bar Paddy’s Pub. Where “Sunny” really makes its mark is in poking fun at the decay and debauchery that surrounds them during their every waking moment. The actors who play the main characters – Charlie, Dennis, Mac and Dee – are also the creators of the show, which says a great deal about their talent.

The ninth season kicked off on Sept. 4 on the new FXX network, and as usual the gang’s vulgarity and egocentric ways came back to bite them. In the season premiere, titled “The Gang Broke Dee,” Charlie, Dennis and Mac’s constant nagging and insulting results in Dee’s emotional breakdown.

It backfires on them when Dee uses their torment to launch a successful stand-up comedy career making fun of the fact that the joke is always on her. The episode proves that even after nine seasons the show is still in its prime, capable of the same eccentric brand of comedy that made it a success.

It is hard to point a finger at any one factor that has elevated “Sunny” to such heights, but it’s clear that the low-budget, do-it-yourself nature of production adds to the show’s appeal. The fact that the cast and writers pull no punches and take risks in their humor is a testament to them staying true to their comedic style, giving fans plenty of reasons to continue watching.

Be sure to catch “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on FXX.

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