New NBC game show chooses contestants from app

The biggest prize in game show history is up for grabs in the new NBC series “Million Second Quiz.” But it’s not just the prize that’s historic – the contest itself is unlike anything seen before.

“Million Second Quiz” is an interactive live trivia contest that combines aspects of classic game shows such as “Jeopardy” and “Family Feud.” But what makes this competition different is that it’s nonstop, continuing on and off the air every second for almost 10 days straight. To become a contestant, one must first successfully play the “Million Second Quiz” app.

Once on the show, contestants sit in the money chair, where they earn $10 a second. The challenge is that they must answer enough trivia questions correctly to defeat an opponent looking to take their spot. The contestants eat, sleep and breathe in the money chair as long as they are still in the game, which could be days. But the discomfort is all worth it – the winner of the show receives $10 million, the richest prize in game show history. As host Ryan Seacrest says, “Everybody wants to be in this chair!”

Contestants range from a New York college student to a California senior citizen. Once a round between two players starts, Seacrest (or occasionally a celebrity such as Blake Shelton) asks a question with four answer choices. The topics include history, politics, entertainment and more. Questions can be doubled for points to break ties, with the competition getting fiercer every time this happens.

As of press time four contestants have made it to Winner’s Row, meaning they are finalists for the grand prize. But that doesn’t mean they’ll stay there for long. The first contestant got kicked out of winner’s row within 23 hours. Though the game is long, a player could be gone in less than a day.

This show is intense and fast. Each second, things could change and spin out of control. Turn on your television this week to experience the “Million Second Quiz” and download the app for your own chance to play.

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Author: Amanda Boyer

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