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Seton Hall graduate Ethan Arnowitz (’13) is living a dream. Arnowitz has formed a band, The Far West Outfit, with three of his close friends and is contributing to the growing folk music craze. With comparisons to The Lumineers, Modest Mouse and Good Old War, The Far West Outfit seems to be poised for success.

“Seeing people wearing our T-shirts, listening to our CD or singing along to our songs at our shows gives me a sense of fulfillment I’ve never felt in anything else in my life,” Arnowitz said.

“I only hope that the people that enjoy our music are getting something out of it and are sharing it with people.”

After a grueling eight-month stretch, Arnowitz’s band released an EP on July 13 and had a release show at Mexicali Live in Teaneck, N.J. Many of the band members’ close friends and family came to watch as they had just taken a step in their music career.

With a great stage presence, addictive music and well-written lyrics, Arnowitz and his band have not let the idea of potential fame ruin the band’s chemistry, or taint their favorite hobby.

“I don’t care if I never make money doing this, and frankly I hope it never turns into a career,” Arnowitz said. “Playing music is probably the most fulfilling thing I do in my life, and if I had to turn that into a job, I don’t know if I could continue loving it the way I do.”

It’s not just the adrenaline he gets from playing on stage in front of his friends, family or random strangers that matters, he said, it’s the creative process it takes to write or cover a song. One of the unusual things about The Far West Outfit is the covers that they are able to produce.

“If we’re playing for a group of people who don’t know our music, I love a good cover,” Arnowitz said. “My favorites are throwbacks that people haven’t heard in a while, so when they do they get excited and get into it.”

Arnowitz doesn’t call himself a musician, but rather a song writer. He accepts whatever criticism he gets for not being a “great musician” and answers with his craft – writing.

“I don’t consider myself much of a musician, but I do consider myself a songwriter,” Arnowtiz said. “Writing has always been my biggest passion, and being able to write poetry and set it to a melody is something I can confidently say I can do at least sufficiently.”

Justin Geringer can be reached at justin.geringer@student.shu.edu.

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