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Intramural softball is being converted into a one-pitch week- end tournament and kickball tournaments will be expanded as part of the changes taking place in intramural sports this year.

Softball will take place in the fall while kickball will occur in the spring. In addition, instead of being exclusively for freshmen as it was last year, kickball is now open to all students.

“I like the fact that we are now offering some weekend tournaments,” Assistant Director of Recreation Brian Poll said, when asked about moving softball to a one-weekend program.

“I think one of biggest obstacles is keeping kids on campus during the weekend, and if we can offer some options to have kids stay around for the weekend, then that can only help.”

The registration deadline for one-pitch softball is 5 p.m. on Sept. 24 while the kickball tournament is scheduled for April.

Dodgeball will also be seeing a change, moving to the fall semester, where it will be the first sport in the 2013-14 intramural season. The signup deadline for dodgeball is Thursday, Sept. 5 and the season gets underway on Sept. 9.

Following dodgeball will be what Poll describes as one of the most popular intramural sports — flag football. In order to participate, students must sign up by Sept. 24.

Two of the other “big three” sports include team basketball and indoor soccer. The registration deadline is Jan. 16 for bas- ketball and March 25 for soccer.

In late October, it is co-rec volleyball’s turn, which for the first time will take place on its own. In the past, volleyball has occurred simultaneously with floor hockey, which has been moved to the spring. Signups for volleyball and floor hockey are due Oct. 22 and March 4, respectively.

The intramural season will end with cornhole, which will take place in April after the conclusion of kickball. Intramural tennis will not be available this season because of construction on the parking deck.

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