How not to act like a college freshman

Welcome to Seton Hall, class of 2017! We know that freshman year can be overwhelming, so in order to make your transition to college easier, here are five important ways to not act like a college freshman.

1. Put the lanyards away. We’ve all done it-proudly displayed our student IDs around our necks on different lanyards. Somehow, it seems, freshmen cannot fight the urge to wear this not-so-trendy accessory. Although losing your precious Pirate card is less likely with it secured around your neck, it is a clear indication of new students and should be avoided if you want to blend in seamlessly.

2. Dress how you would usually dress. While the quintessential 8 a.m. class outfit of sweatpants and a hoodie is basically unavoidable and not questioned, wearing your best new slacks or super-high heels to you first class is going to raise some eyebrows. Throughout your college career, you’ll occasionally find yourself dressed up for class, but the reasoning is most likely due to an interview or presentation. So to avoid getting questioned about your fancy outfit and not having a good response, stick with jeans.

3. Be independent. Although eating alone, walking to class alone, or joining a club alone was out of the question in high school, independence is a beautiful thing in college. There’s nothing worse than walking across the green mid-afternoon and having a large cluster of people moseying along the paths and blocking your way to class.

4. Understand the campus. First, figure out where all your classes are without using a map. Second, get to know the SHU lingo as soon as you can. Aquinas is referred to as AQ, Xavier Hall is simply X and you eat in the caf, not the cafeteria.

5. Relax. Even though you think you’re walking around with a sign that flashes FRESHMAN on it, no one else knows who you are. Upperclassmen are much more focused on getting their new semester organized than targeting new students. Don’t let your year in school define you-you’re a Pirate just like the rest of us.

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