Freshmen adjust to new roommates

EDITOR’S NOTE:Our ongoing series will examine how the roommate situations change throughout the year for five freshmen.*

Sarah is confident she will get along with her two roommates. They talked a little over the summer, but more importantly, they have similar thoughts on tidiness.

“We get along great; we seem to have similar design thoughts and cleaning habits, so it seems it will be a pretty good living situation,” Sarah said.

Though they all like a clean room, she is concerned about their morning schedules. With everyone waking up at different times, Sarah said, everyone can hear each other rising. Despite this concern, she thinks they’re all bonding well.

“We usually stay up all hours of the night talking randomly, watching movies or TV shows,” Sarah said. “We’ve definitely had bonding moments.”

Allen is also satisfied with his new living situation because he has the same friend group as his roommate. They have gotten to know each other by texting over the summer and going to a few campus events together as well as on a trip to New York. Allen has never shared a room before and knows that it won’t necessarily be easy.

“I won’t lie,” Allen said, “I do prefer having my own room, but so far it’s going pretty well.”

Besides worrying about adjusting to sharing a space, Allen’s only concern is related to his roommate having houseguests.

“He likes to have a lot of people over and I don’t, but I guess that’s not anything too severe,” Allen said.

Candace is also nervous about sharing a room. She’s never shared one before, and her roommate is on the same sport team as she is. They didn’t talk over the summer, but now they live together and have to go to practices together.

“It’s not really easy,” Candace said. “I’m not used to it yet.”

Alexis’s situation is different because she roomed with her current roommate over the summer. They got along then, and since the year started, she said, they’ve already gone to a soccer game and some of the events in the Pirate Cellar. She’s not worried about cleanliness or anything of the sort, she said.

“She can be messy, like throw stuff around,” Alexis said, “but she does clean up after herself.”

These five freshmen all claim to be content with their current roommate situation, though their concerns aren’t all the same.

*The names have been changed to protect students’ privacy.

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