RED 2′ is a locked and loaded summer hit

Once again the A-list cast of the 2010 action-comedy film “RED” has found its way back into the summer hits conversation with the premiere of the sequel “RED 2”, which debuted in theaters July 19. Produced by DC Entertainment, “RED 2” is part of a recent neo-noir movement in Hollywood that is gaining popularity with its knack for quick-wit comedy infused with thrilling action scenes reminiscent of early 20th century gangster and crime genres.

“RED 2” focuses on the never-too-far-from-danger retired CIA black-ops agent Frank Moses, played by action icon Bruce Willis. Moses and fellow retired agent Marvin Boggs (the quirky John Malkovich) have been framed for an arms theft they were never involved in, putting them at the top of the government’s most wanted list. Even ally Victoria Winslow (English acting legend Helen Mirren) accepts a contract from MI6 to assassinate them, though she knows they’re innocent. Now Moses must reassemble his band of elite-yet-misfit operatives to track down the stolen red mercury bomb with the help of the criminally insane Dr. Edward Bailey, played by Sir Anthony Hopkins (who is also no stranger to thrillers). Much hilarity ensues as the dysfunctional group tries to clear their name, discover who set them up and save 11 million innocent civilians from being harmed by the stolen nuclear weapon.

Locked and loaded with all of the necessary traits that an explosive action movie needs – shoot-outs, fiery explosions, trash-talk dialogue and of course romantic involvement – “RED 2” shouldn’t garner too many points for its originality as it follows the same basic premise of most modern action films. However, the all-star cast alone commands a great deal of attention from movie goers, setting up the film to likely become one of the highest-grossing summer blockbusters of 2013. Don’t expect “RED 2” to break down any barriers for innovation, but the storyline is tried-and-true and successful for a reason: it’s extremely entertaining and holds the attention of the audience.

4 out of 5 doubloons

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