South Orange mayor talks Seton Hall construction

Last week it was announced that the approvals for the parking garage construction have been delayed by the South Orange Board of Adjustment, according to Vice President of Administration Dennis Garbini.

Although the necessary approvals have not been accepted by the Board, South Orange Mayor Alex Torpey said this is not something to worry about.

“Unfortunately, it’s hard for me to speak for the Board of Adjustment,” Torpey said. “I can say that overall, the members on these boards, who generally bring some level of expertise to the conversation, definitely do like to do their due diligence when reviewing larger plans.”

He said that these project approvals generally take longer than people expect.

“I think that sometimes, due to the questions, a meeting can go on longer than people hoped, which requires scheduling another section of the hearing, which is typically for the next meeting, which would be a month later, unless arrangements are made otherwise,” Torpey said.

He added that these kinds of boards are “not known for their quickness.”

“The system of having volunteers meet once per month can be difficult to schedule, especially when the meetings fall over summer months and people are away,” Torpey said. “Rather we try to do whatever we can to help move the processes along so people can get a shovel in the ground sooner rather than later.”

Torpey said he is in favor of the construction and wants to see the approvals made, so it can begin.

“I definitely would like to see these projects moved along quickly so Seton Hall can begin the work, of course ensuring that all of the questions from members on the Board are answered,” Torpey said. “I think Seton Hall reinvesting back into campus is a great thing, and I look forward to what value these projects will bring not just to the University community, but the entire South Orange community at large.”

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