Interesting story lines ahead for third season of ‘Falling Skies’

With so many different science fiction shows on television today ranging anywhere from zombie apocalypses, nightmarish urban legends and southern vampires, it is rare to see a program set itself apart from others quite like TNT’s “Falling Skies,” whose third season premiered Sunday, June 9. What makes it so much different? No other television show is as committed to the science fiction aspect of their content quite like this series. Not to say “Falling Skies” isn’t packaged with a great plotline, but while other science fiction programs are mainly story-driven, this particular one is primarily concerned with inviting viewers to fully embrace its sci-fi elements.

To catch up those unfamiliar with “Falling Skies,” the series centers on an alien invasion of planet Earth – an invasion that claimed many lives and left most of the world in shambles. There are a few surviving pockets of humanity who chose to fight back against the foreign force, such as the Second Massachusetts Militia led by newly elected President of the somewhat-established United States Tom Mason (Noah Wyle). Mason, along with his sons and fellow comrades, are a rebel force in a David vs. Goliath scenario against an enemy that wishes to capture and harvest human children to work as slaves mining the earth for natural resources. The aliens, who the Second Mass. call Skitters, attach a “harness” (which is actually a parasite-like growth) upon the spines of children in order to control their every thought and movement to the point where the slaves become dependent on and loyal to the masters.

The premiere of the third season sees the Second Mass. seven months further on their journey to re-establish the United States since the show last left off, but for the first time we catch a glimpse of their new alliance with a group of Skitters who have turned against their own kind to help the humans. It will be an interesting storyline to see how well the humans and their new allies get along throughout the season.

The premiere episode foreshadowed the re-emergence of old skeletons in season three, including past grudges, former romances and plenty more unfinished business. If there is one thing the show has tried to preach to its viewers it is that fear of the unknown is justified, but what you might think you know the most about can often fool you.

5 out of 5 doubloons

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