Band ‘saves rock and roll’ after a 5-year hiatus

For most of us in college now, Fall Out Boy was a middle school sensation. Many an AOL Instant Messenger profile read “dance dance, we’re falling apart to half time.”

Since then, YouTube parody videos have been dedicated to transcribing what lead man Patrick Stump’s pronunciations actually sound like. After fairly recent confusion and disagreement about the band, Pete Wentz and Stump went their separate ways for years.

On April 16, F.O.B. released “Save Rock and Roll.”

The title track has a soft piano sound, cour­tesy of rock and roll legend Elton John.

Patrick Stump is back from his solo ca­reer with his distinct voice, which one can either love or hate, there is no in-between.

“You are what you love, not who loves you,” he sings in his famous high-pitched twang.

John sings a verse about the voice of our generation with Stump, giving a solid message about faith in music.

While the sound is a little different throughout the album, with more acous­tic, pop and remixed elements than F.O.B. circa 2004, it is still a quality work.

“Death Valley” mixes some grunge with more of a unique sound from 2008’s “Fo­lie ?  Deux” and beats of the band’s more popular tracks that have gone to radio. The first single, “My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark,” was a surprise to many fans with the incorporation of rapper 2 Chainz and more of a pop sound. This will probably not be a fan favorite off the al­bum, but this choice of single was smart and made clear that the new reformed band is ready for adventure.

True F.O.B. fans will learn to evolve for the new sound. Truer fans will also spend good money to see the band tour this year with fellow eccentric pals Panic At The Disco. I’ll certainly be there, no shame.

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