ABC Family releases ‘unrealistic’ and ‘confusing’ T.V. musical

ABC Family is known for re­leasing many feel-good movies that highlight every genre includ­ing “Mean Girls 2” and “The Cut­ting Edge.” “LoveStruck: The Musical,” the channel’s latest ad­dition, premiered on April 21.

The film opened with a rendi­tion of Lady Gaga’s famous sin­gle “Just Dance,” featuring Jane Seymour as Harper, a retired Broadway star, which caught the audiences’ attention right away. Harper’s daughter Mirabella, played by Sara Paxton, quits her mother’s showcase for a future with her fianc?© in Italy. In re­sponse, Harper drinks an elixir found in an old theater trunk that turns her into her young self again.

Young Harper chases after her daughter all the way to Italy pretending to be a distant fam­ily member to get on Mirabella’s good side. With the elixir wearing on and off, there is a lot of running and hiding to keep her true iden­tity a secret.

After a messy bachelor party, Mirabella is ready to leave and go back to her mother. But when her father visits, Harper’s cover is al­most blown.

In the end, Harper and Ryan re­turn to their old selves and see Mi­rabella get married.

While the storyline was unreal­istic and slightly confusing, there was no doubt that “LoveStruck: The Musical” was entertaining and feel-good. Performances of popu­lar songs from different decades including “DJ’s Got Us Falling In Love” by Usher and “Everlasting Love” by Robert Knight further emphasized the fun, albeit unbe­lievable, nature of the film.

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