How to drink responsibly

Every April the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence sponsors Alcohol Awareness Month to educate the public about the danger of overconsumption and provide support for affected families and individuals.

“It’s a challenge for college-aged students to party without drinking, but there are many strategies that they can employ to do it without using alcohol or drugs,” Assistant Director of Public Safety and Security Gary Christie said.

In the 2012-2013 academic year there have been 24 alcohol- related transports to the hospital from campus, and there have been 229 on-campus and 15 off-campus student sanctions for alcohol -related incidents, according to Christie.

“Seton Hall University has sponsored programs that speak to alcohol awareness through Student Services and SAB.,” Assistant Dean of Students Winston Roberts said.

There has also been a drunken driving simulator and the “Spring Break Block Party” hosted by Housing and Residence Life, which advertised safer ways for students to spend spring break instead of drinking.

“For those attending parties where alcohol is available, never drink the punch,” Christie said. “Inexperienced drinkers may think that they are safe having one drink of these cocktails, but the reality is that one of these cups can hold the equivalent of four very potent drinks.”

Roberts explained that there have been programs such as “Can I Kiss You?” which discussed the effect alcohol has in different situations and “A Shot at Reality,” which used comedy to educate participants of the danger of alcohol.

“There are a number of sanctions that are used in cases that involve alcohol,” Roberts said. “The ultimate goal is to provide the student with an educational opportunity to understand the violation and work through the violation they may have engaged in.”

Christie said that students who do drink “should do so in moderation.”

Studies on social behavior on college campuses reveal that there are large groups of students who don’t drink and who enjoy a fun college experience, according to Christie.

Students who have concerns about their alcohol use can do an on-line anonymous alcohol assessment on the Counseling and Psychological Services web page.

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