Pirate Army’ in the works to cheer at men’s soccer games

Intimidation can be the key to any team’s success. Having a large, energetic fan base is what creates an energized environment and allows for the home team to have a real advantage over their opponent.

That large fan base is what Seton Hall men’s soccer has been missing for quite some time, ac­cording to Director of Soccer Op­erations Jason Israel. He is look­ing to form a student section for the men’s soccer team to enhance the home field advantage at every home soccer game.

The “Pirate Army” is a con­cept thought of by Israel after his undergraduate career at the Uni­versity of Connecticut, a peren­nial Big East powerhouse. The Pirate Army will gather in the Richie Regan field house before every game for free food and to learn specific chants for the up­coming game. Israel is looking to create a “feared” student section for Seton Hall.

“We want to make our home field almost like a fortress,” he said. “In years past opponents haven’t been all that intimidated to play here and we are really looking to change that. We are trying to add these little pieces to the team and this is really a big step for the Seton Hall fan base.”

Working in soccer over the last seven years, Israel has watched Connecticut and various other schools create student sec­tions that were feared by oppo­nents. He said he believes Seton Hall truly has the ability to create a feared student section.

“I’ve seen this work at other schools with the same size, if not smaller, than Seton Hall,” Israel said. “I’ve seen the pride people have for the pirates and I would love to translate that here. A lot of people at this school really love soccer and I would love to see them support their team.”

On 1:30 pm on April 24, the Army is meeting for the first time in the team meeting room of the Coaches Suite in the Athletic Center. Israel will be hosting the event to explain in further depth what he expects from the students and what they can expect from the soccer staff.

The event will take place shortly before the UEFA Semi-Finals match where students can watch the game with fellow soc­cer lovers and enjoy some free pizza.

“My hope for this fan base is that it becomes the toughest place to play in the Big East. I want teams to dread to play here be­cause the atmosphere will be so insane,” Israel said. “I know its possible here at the Hall.”

Students can contact Israel at Jason.E.Israel@gmail.com with any questions.

Justin Geringer can be reached at justin.geringer@stu­dent.shu.edu.

Author: Staff Writer

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