It’s your Green, let’s keep it clean’

Last week’s warm temperatures led to students gathering on the Green, and they left litter behind.

Vice President of Student Services Dr. Tracy Gottlieb said she was displeased with the condition of the Green.

“I was here late Tuesday night last week and I was startled,” Gottlieb said.

Dean of Students Karen Van Norman accompanied Gottlieb to the Green on Wednesday morning and filled two large garbage bags with the help of students, reminding the rest to do the right thing.

Gottlieb said that during her time as a student at Seton Hall, the Green resembled a peace sign with only four walkways.

“I have fond and nostalgic feelings about seeing students hanging out on the Green,” Gottlieb said. “That said, I have to say that I was very upset last week.”

Gottlieb said that students should have no excuse to abuse the Green since it is their space to socialize and enjoy the weather.

“Maybe the nice weather caught everyone off guard, and maybe Facilities could have provided more garbage cans, which they did the next day, but that does not excuse anybody from leaving their garbage,” Gottlieb said.

Students did not offer an excuse to justify the garbage left behind by others.

“Some people might be forgetful and want to go inside or maybe go to the cafeteria, but those aren’t excuses to leave your garbage,” student Marissa Hutton said.

Freshman Tyler Goodhue said he felt that he shouldn’t clean up after people.

“I guess I can talk to someone and tell them to pick up their stuff but that isn’t my problem,” Goodhue said.

“Personally I’ve found that you don’t notice the litter until everyone leaves because you’re usually paying attention to your friends,” he added.

“Maybe we should have more reminders or maybe consequences if people don’t clean up since Public Safety is already out on the Green,” Hutton said.

Freshmant Emily Malfitano said she was discouraged from sitting outside when she saw the Green’s condition.

“It looked disgusting,” Malfitano said. “There was no way I wanted to go and sit out there after seeing all the garbage.”

Studeny Nicole Dellera said that her sorority, Delta Phi Epsilon, is very conscious when they hold gatherings on the Green.

“My sorority wants to keep up our good image and we want to make sure the University is taken care of,” Dellera said. “However, if we are doing an event outside, it is upsetting to see garbage on the Green because it makes being outside less appealing.”

Gottlieb said that she is willing to go out again and clean up if this recurs.

“I would like to think the students love the Green as much as I do and want to keep it nice like everyone else,” she said.

Gottlieb said she wants to made sure that students understand the value of the Green.

“Gather and enjoy the beautiful weather,” Gottlieb said. “It’s your green, let’s keep it clean.”

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