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As college students, we are always looking for more bang for our buck. As we approach finals and our Pirate Bucks run out, we tend to delve into the surrounding areas in search of good food that’s open late. Whether we are asking for delivery or taking the walk to town, student’s may be surprised of the options South Orange has to offer. We asked around and in some cases used our best judgment, but here are our choices for the best cheap eats around in the South Orange and Maplewood area!

Valley Barbeque

Junior Jordan Almeida cited Val­ley Barbeque as his favorite place in town to eat. This relatively new res­taurant is officially known as Valley Portuguese BBQ, but students short­en it to Valley Barbeque. This local restaurant is great if good barbeque at a low price is what you are look­ing for. While larger portions top the menu at $18, sandwiches cost no more than $6.

Blue Ocean

According to sophomore, Ariana Dispalatro, Blue Ocean is the best place to get cheap Chinese food. As a college town it seems as though there are more Chinese food options in the area than anything else. Of all the places, Blue Ocean might just be the best.

The Village Diner

According to sophomore, Alyssa Mor­rissey, The Village Diner is her favorite “cheap” place to eat in town. It seems as though every town has an option like this and for students the diner is a sta­ple in our college careers. The food is good and the service is quick. Perfect for dinner, lunch and even breakfast, The Village Diner is a place you can sit for a quick meal.

Park Wood Diner

What true New Jerseyan can’t resist a good diner? Park Wood Diner stands out as particularly excellent for its wide variety of meal choices and affordable prices. The menu features everything from broiled Rouma­nian skirt steak to the classic cheeseburger. Food prices range from $2.95-$19.95.

Lalibela Ethiopian restaurant

When was the last time you had Ethiopian food? Never? Try Lalibela, which offers authentic Ethio­pian dishes of lamb, chicken, seafood and beef. The vegetarian meals are also 100 percent vegan in observance of the nation’s Orthodox religious dairy fasting. Food prices range from $6-$20.95.

Toro Loco

For Mexican food that is muy delicioso visit Toro Loco. The menu contains favorites like burritos and enchiladas as well as many other dishes of which you probably never heard. Food prices range from $3.00-$24.95.


How could we not add Stony’s to our list? They are huge supporters of Seton Hall University and have always been good to the students. Not only is it a great environment but the food is great and super cheap. For a good burger, or anything really, head there!

Arturo’s Osteria and Pizzeria

Arturo’s is not the typical pizza parlor. Rather, it’s single-handedly re­defining the concept of a small-town pizzeria. Chef Dan Richer, who was recently nominated for a James Beard Foundation award, uses a special­ized bread-making and fermentation process with his dough and obtains his ingredients from local farms to create a delicious artisanal pizza. And if you’re not in the mood for a pie, Arturo’s features numerous pasta dishes and salads on its menu. Food prices range from $11.95-$16.95.

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