SGA president talks about 2013-14 plans

Current Student Government Association President Joe Donato has been re-elected for his second term and said he plans to continue his work for the University.

SGA Vice President Mario Costa and Treasurer Ashley Jef­ferson have also been re-elected for their second terms and Sec­retary Dolores Bujnowski for her third term.

The unofficial SGA election results show that elected At-Large senators include Clayton Collier, Kayla Toomer, Vincent Garcia, Wesley Satterwhite, Fred Gilliam and Kayla Weinman; the Arts & Sciences senators are Drew Holden, Annelie Roding, Amy Gao, Anthony Scudieri, Vic­toria Staruch and Joseph Puleo. The Business senators are Adam Howard-Binkley and Jessica Page. The Commuter senators are Akshat Patel and Timothy Hoff­man; the International senator is Qingyin Sheng and the Nursing senator is Christian Jamandre. No candidates ran for the positions of Diplomacy senators, Education senators and Resident senators.

“There is the great strength to SGA in the past and now it’s been the experience, the number of years that our members have had on the student senate and the ex­ecutive board,” Donato said.

Donato, who has been in­volved with SGA for three years, said that there will be “little change” to next year’s agenda. Among the projects mentioned were upgrading printers in the li­brary and installing printers in the dorms, bringing the Collegiate Readership program back, chang­ing and expanding the routes and schedule for both the SHUFLY shuttle and Safe Ride van and pos­sibly discussing the guest policies in dorms during midterms.

For the Collegiate Reader­ship program, Donato said that he and Costa have asked services on campus such as Gourmet Dining Services, the Stillman School of Business and the library to con­tribute to the cause.

Donato also said all the proj­ects and building of relationships are to ensure that “we can collab­oratively move Seton Hall in the right direction” and “to continue our success of our strategic plan.”

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