Public Safety warns of solicitors on campus

Recent reports of sales people starting to solicit for used text books on campus illegally have been made to the head of the Department of Public Safety and Security, Gary Christie.

Christie said he first heard of this happening when an email was sent out to the Seton Hall community on Monday from one of these solicitors.

“I became aware that a book buyer sent out emails informing community members that he would be on campus today buying books,” Christie said.

According to Christie, this is not the first year solicitors have tried to come on campus.

“This has been a chronic problem for many years and the University strictly enforces a no-solicitation policy,” Christie said.

He said that solicitors usually go door to door on campus looking to buy books as the school year is coming to a close.

He added that these individuals will be reprimanded if found soliciting without permission.

“We routinely find these book agents on campus, designate them persona non grata and threaten them with arrest for trespassing if they return without permission,” Christie said.

Christie sent out an email earlier in the week warning the community about these solicitors.

He asked individuals to immediately call Public Safety if approached by one.

He said solicitors usually target professors and staff.

“Typically, these individuals prowl the academic buildings going office to office and try to meet with professors or staff to convince them to sell books that their departments may have lying around,” Christie said.

According to Christie, solicitors are allowed on campus as long as they first apply to the Department of Community Development for permission.

“This is an open campus and anyone can walk on or park after obtaining a guest pass,” Christie said.

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