Alpha Sigma Tau rocks for charity

The Alpha Sigma Tau sorority hosted local bands at its first “Rock-A-Thon” benefit concert in the Main Lounge of the University Center on Sunday.

The concert began at 5:30 p.m. Several bands from the Seton Hall community were featured, including the Joe Mifsud Band, the Far West Outfit and the Company Kept.

The philanthropy chairwoman of Alpha Sigma Tau, Monica Alvarado, said she had the idea when she heard about a Rock-A-Thon concert as she was becoming a sister.

“The Rock-A-Thon concert was an idea I had before I even became the philanthropy chair of Alpha Sigma Tau, and as soon as I was elected I began planning,” Alvarado said. “I knew our national philanthropy event, Rock-A-Thon, had the potential to be so much more.”

Alvarado said she knew of several bands from the Seton Hall community that would want to be showcased and thought that it was a great way to attract a crowd of students.

“The Rock-A-Thon attracts students interested in music, interested in seeing bands from the area or anyone who just wants a fun night,” Alvarado said.

The show also featured some open microphone performances from students Christine Byrne, Chris Cashdan, Elisabeth Johnson and others.

According to Alvarado, the concert benefits Alpha Sigma Tau’s national philanthropy, the Pine Mountain Settlement School.

She said that it was a new way for the Seton Hall chapter to contribute to the school, which has been their philanthropy since 1945.

Although Alvarado said there was no set goal for money to be raised, the sisters of Alpha Sigma Tau raised $740 over the course of the night.

“There was no goal for money or bands; just by having the event it was a success,” Alvarado said. “We were happy with the turnout but have goals of a bigger turnout for next year and to raise $1,000.”

Alvarado said the event was a success and she hopes to have another one next year, hopefully raising the presence of Alpha Sigma Tau and keeping it growing.

“The goal was to raise more money than ever before, build our name on campus and bring something new to the table that could benefit our philanthropy and the community,” Alvarado said.

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