Introducing ‘The Croods’

Although the Croods seem like a typical family, they are anything but ordinary. The Croods is about the world’s first modern family who begin a journey after their cave home is destroyed.

Grug, voiced by Nicholas Cage, is a caveman who is stuck on his old-fashioned, traditional ways of life. His philosophy is that noth­ing new is good or safe. How­ever, his daughter, Eep, voiced by Emma Stone, disagrees, yearning for adventure outside the cave walls.

Modern character, Guy, voiced by Ryan Reynolds, advises the Croods that the end of the world is coming and everyone needs to move to the mountain, thus spark­ing the plot of the movie.

The Croods is a great film for kids. Overall, it is a cute movie worth seeing, but I don’t recom­mend paying the money to see it in the theater. It’s a movie that you can wait to come out on DVD.

The Setonian gives this 3 out of 5 stars.

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