Students reveal love secrets on Facebook

A new craze on Facebook has persuaded Seton Hall students to anonymously reveal personal crushes on fellow students.

“SHU Crushes,” a Facebook page created for the Seton Hall University student body, is an online spot for campus crushers wanting to voice their admiration for someone at SHU in an unconventional and unrevealing way.

“This page was intended for the less social to confess their true crushes anonymously,” the creators said via Facebook.

It is still a mystery as to who the creators of the page could possibly be.

When questioned about their identities, the creators refused to answer.

“We prefer to stay anonymous on this page because if we disclose who we were, it would defeat the purpose of why the page was created,” they said.

University Facebook crush pages, like the one for Seton Hall, are nothing new to college campuses across the nation. The Catholic University of America and George Washington University are two universities among many that have similar sites, according to the creators.

“We saw other universities had the page and we thought we would bring it to Seton Hall,” a page creator said. “This is a great page and the entire SHU student body should feel like they are a part of it.”

However, students reviews were mixed.

“When SHU Crushes first started appearing on my newsfeed I thought it was hilarious,” freshman education major Kristina Ripp said. “However, some posts seemed overwhelmingly creepy and too obnoxious at times.”

According to Ripp, the page is a good way for students to share a few laughs.

“The way I look at it, it’s a funny Facebook page that students of all ages can get a good laugh out of when reading what people have to say about their ‘crushes,'” Ripp said.

Freshman diplomacy major Stephanie Powers said she could not help but wonder what happened to students and individuals talking to one another in person on such matters.

“I think SHU Crushes is mainly a joke,” Powers said. “It seems pretty ridiculous for a person to express their feelings for someone anonymously over Facebook.”

Even if some students take the page as a joke, the site has posted a total of about 40 crush confessions and has acquired more than 500 Facebook friends since it was created on Feb. 20,, according to creators.

As for the response to the website and its results, the page founders said that the site has seen a great turnout overall.

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Author: Natalie Rebisz

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