SGA survey works to bring airport shuttle to residents

A survey was emailed to residents re­garding the possibility of a shuttle service from campus to Newark Liberty Interna­tional Airport.

The survey asked residents if they use the Newark Liberty International Airport to fly home, if they would use a shuttle service, how much money they are willing to pay and how early they are willing to arrive before their flight.

The survey and idea for shuttle service were initiated by Student Government As­sociation members and juniors Wesley Sat­terwhite and Akshat Patel.

“The primary goal right now is to make people aware of the survey and that the shut­tle service is happening,” Patel said.

Because residents have to go home dur­ing breaks, a shuttle service from the school to Newark Airport could save them money, according to Satterwhite.

“I fly home every break,” Satterwhite, of Atlanta, said. “I’ve spent $43 for a taxi cab all the way up to $69.”

Patel, who commutes, was asked by Sat­terwhite to help implement the shuttle ser­vice by starting with the survey to see how students would respond to the service.

“There are fliers and ads throughout campus,” Satterwhite said of his shuttle service campaign.

Currently, the only thing that is definite is the survey.

The next step will be to initiate the ser­vice will depend on the responses to the survey, according to Patel.

“This is all on trial basis and based on how logistics work out,” Patel said.

Patel also said that if the results of the survey turn out well, then they will work on having the shuttle service up and run­ning as soon as the end of this semester.

The survey has been directed toward residents, according to Patel. He also said that residents would be the first to have ac­cess to the shuttle service. As the program develops, the ultimate goal is for all stu­dents to gain access to the shuttle.

Patel and Satterwhite, however, said the main focus right now is to have residents take the survey.

The survey will run for five days and students who complete the survey will be automatically entered into a drawing to win $20 of Pirate’s Gold. Two winners will be selected each day.

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