St. Patrick’s Day 2013


*St. Patrick is prominently known for bringing Catholi­cism to Ireland.

* The use of the shamrock in celebration is based off the myth that St. Patrick used it to explain the holy trinity to the Irish.

Fun Facts:

* St. Patrick was not Irish, he was British

* Green was not always the color of St. Patrick’s Day, it was St. Patrick blue

* In Ireland they don’t eat corn beef and cabbage, instead they eat a type of bacon

Traditions and Memories:

“When I was little, the ‘leprechaun’ used to hide a little present somewhere in my house. I was also convinced when I was five that these dirt marks on the back­board of my basketball hoop were leprechaun footprints.” – Kristyn Lyncheski, Digital Editor

“There was this kid in my high school who, because he was 5ft tall and tiny with bright red hair, would dress as a lepre­chaun. Every St. Patrick’s Day he would wear this cos­tume and run into a random classroom, cause all types of chaos, then run out. Sometimes the teachers would attempt to catch him. A lot of kids felt lucky if their’s was the class he barged in on.” – Chelsea Catlett,

Assistant Digital Editor

“My mom cooks corn beef and cabbage and my teachers in elementary school used to mess up the classroom and say leprechauns did it.” – Lindsay Rittenhouse, News Editor

“Going to Gaelic Park to see hurling is a staple of my St. Patrick’s Day festivities.” – Brandon Biskobing, Staff Write

Author: Staff Writer

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