Men’s soccer coach to be inducted into Athletics HOF

Student athletes nationwide thrive to leave a legacy behind. They dream of the day that their name will be hung up for all eyes to see. Gerson Echeverry did that in his tenure at Seton Hall, culmi­nating with his most recent acco­lade: an induction into the Seton Hall University Athletics Hall of Fame.

As a four-year starter, Ech­every led Seton Hall to back-to-back Big East regular season titles as well as three appearances in the NCAA tournament. In the 1991 season he put on a stellar performance scoring 52 points that season, the third highest point total in the nation. He ob­tained Third-Team All American honors and was also a three time All-Conference player. With all these achievements, Echeverry never expected his most recent accolade.

“It was definitely overwhelm­ing,” he said. “It was a shock and a surprise, I wasn’t expecting it. It is an extreme honor to receive such a call up.”

Echeverry came to Seton Hall in 1990 and immediately earned a starting job. His success in high school and his club team led former coach, Manfred Schells­cheidt, to have high hopes for the young star.

“I knew the team, my expecta­tions were to get a starting job and contribute to the team,” Echever­ry said. “There were high expec­tations and I guess I met some.”

With a very modest and hum­ble attitude, Echeverry never had his sights set on the Hall of Fame or any other accolades.

“I don’t think when you’re playing you expect to be a hall of famer,” he said. “Do you strive for it? Yes. But I was never really one to look too far ahead. I was always looking to be ready for the next thing, and that’s how I pre­pared.”

Born and raised in Paterson, N.J., Echeverry always had a very close affiliation with Seton Hall. At the age of fifteen he played on a club team under Schellscheidt and was always very drawn to the Hall.

“I want high school students and other people to see Seton Hall l as I saw it,” Echevvery said. “I want them to see it as a place to come and play great soccer, be in a fantastic league, and aspire to be a professional.”

Echeverry and four other Pi­rates, former men’s basketball player Andre Barrett, former shortstop Rico Bellini, wres­tler Joe Burke and swimmer Jen Heider-Berenyi will be inducted on June 10.

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