Bike policy revised; new registration needed

A new bike policy was announced on Monday by Vice President of Student Services Dr. Tracy Gottlieb.

Under the policy, bikes must be registered at Parking Services in Duffy Hall, according to Gottlieb. The registration is free.

“Student Services consulted with your Student Government Association to create a policy that meets the needs of our students and the safety of our greater community,” Gottlieb wrote in the announcement.

According to Gottlieb, bike racks have been placed at strategic points around campus. Bikes not on a rack will be subject to confiscation.

“The new policy requires our bike riders to use these racks and avoid benches and stairwells that can create safety problems,” Gottlieb wrote.

According to the policy, people who have their bicycles confiscated must pay a $25 fine. If owners do not retrieve their bicycle after 30 days, the University will dispose of it.

The policy also states that students will not be reimbursed for any removal of locks.

“This will allow us to track the bicycle population and also to identify owners if a bike is lost or stolen,” Gottlieb wrote.

The bike policy states: “Community members and visitors are required to register their bicycles with Parking Services, which is located in Duffy Hall Room 63. Bicycles found on campus without a registration sticker will be confiscated by Public Safety.”

“Public Safety is not responsible for any damages that occurs during the confiscation or storage process,” the policy states.

The bike policy states that a bicycle secured to a light pole, bench or tree is “not only unsightly but has the potential to damage university property.”

Also according to the policy, students are not permitted to use bicycles for anything other than for transportation.

It states, “Use of bicycles for tricks, including but not limited to: wheelies, jumps, use on stairs, benches or handrails or any use other than transportation is prohibited.”

Bicycles are allowed on all campus roadways, including sidewalks, unless it is in a time of heavy pedestrian traffic.

“Bicyclists, in times of heavy pedestrian traffic (when sidewalks and pathways are congested such as class change) shall dismount completely and walk,” it states.

Bicycles are also not allowed to be used in parking garages. Riders must dismount before entering, according to the policy.

The University reminds students that they must make sure not to leave bicycles on campus after the semester ends, as they will be taken by Public Safety.

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