Students subject to expulsion or probation with false reports

A recent Pirate Alert was sent out saying that the robbery that occurred last week was a false crime report.

Patrick Linfante, director of Public Safety, said that this is one of three false crimes reported in the past two years.

Linfante said he has no idea why a student would falsely report a crime.

“I don’t really know and I hesitate to venture a guess,” Linfante said. “One would think the students who commit these foolish acts would be able to explain their motives.”

Linfante said that when he hears of a crime being falsely accounted for, he forwards the information to Community Development, as he does with any “inappropriate or illegal” student action.

“Any actions taken by the Dean of Students is separate from those actions taken by law enforcement agencies,” Linfante said.

Linfante said he was not at liberty to discuss any specific punishment a student received for these reports, and neither was Assistant Dean of Students Winston Roberts.

“The University will not comment on a specific student’s disciplinary situation,” Roberts said. “The University does view the filing of a false report as a serious violation of University policy. Such actions are harmful to our community and undermine the trust we have in one another.”

Roberts said the punishment for such an action ranges from probation to expulsion from Seton Hall.

According to Linfante, the University tries to prevent these incidents by educating students on the repercussions of their actions.

“The University attempts to prevent these false reports by educating or informing our students that false reports are not pranks but violations of the law and anyone who commits these acts will face arrest and prosecution by the law enforcement authorities,” Linfante said.

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