Series challenges students to understand themselves

The “JUST TALK” series began as an idea for students to gain a deeper un­derstanding of themselves and the world around them, and has grown into a multi-departmental collaboration recognized by the office of the Attorney General.

The Center for Multiculturalism & Civic Engagement, has developed a se­ries of discussions on Catholic Social Jus­tice Issues/teachings. The Center hosts monthly dialogue sessions on diversity issues and ethical decision-making.

Participants exchange opinion and ex­perience around issues that matter, partic­ularly those of relevance to an institution of Catholic higher education.

“Our programming offers an opportu­nity for students to experience a deeper understanding of themselves, of each oth­er, and of the world and peoples around them”, said Dean Rosario Reyes, who oversees the Center for Multicuralism & Civic Engagement.

Last semester JUST TALK focused on the ever prevalent debate on Immigration. The four-part series which included film presentations, lectures, guest speakers and group discussion has received a lot of community attention.

“And after a very successful semes­ter, I started working and sharing my ideas for this semester with a few col­leagues”, said Reyes. “Now JUST TALK series is sponsored not only by our cen­ter and the Center for Catholic Studies but we had the Whitehead School of Diplomacy and International Relations, as well as the Joseph A. Unanue Latino Institute join us.”

This Semester JUST TALK focuses on the issue of modern-day slavery, bet­ter known as human trafficking. Though often thought to be a horror experienced in under developed countries in Africa, South America and Asia, it is a reality that is apparent everywhere.

According to the United Nations Of­fice on Drugs and Crime, every country in the world is affected by trafficking.

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