High hopes for 2013 movie releases

With the Academy Awards less than a month away, it’s common for people to frantically race to see every movie nominated for Best Picture. But even if you have already seen all of the nominees or perhaps are more in­clined to watch a cheesy thriller or chick-flick, you do not have to worry; there are a variety of exit­ing films to look forward to seeing this year.

February is a good month for a variety of movie enthusiasts. “Warm Bodies,” a zombie-based romance film, will hit theaters on Feb. 1. “Safe Haven,” a Nicholas Sparks love story, “Side Effects,” a drama-thriller starring Chan­ning Tatum, Jude Law and Cath­erine Zeta Jones and “Identity Theft,” a comedy featuring the hilarious Melissa McCarthy will be released on Feb. 8, giving au­diences a variety to choose from.

“Oz: The Great and Powerful,” premiering on March 8, will give “The Wizard of Oz” fans a new perspective to the classic film as it is a prequel told from the view­point of the Wizard. Similar in historic appreciation, “The Great Gatsby” hits theaters on May 10 starring Carey Mulligan, Leonar­do DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire. With such big names and famous title, it will definitely be a film that people are going to talk about.

“Iron Man 3,” “G.I. Joe: Retali­ation” and “Star Trek Into Dark­ness,” debuting on May 3, March 29 and May 17 respectively. They may not be the most award-wor­thy creations but will draw in fans of the previous films and are likely to give viewers a thrilling movie experience.

Comedy lovers will celebrate on May 24 when “The Hangover Part III” is released as well as on June 7 when “The Internship” hits theaters.

Although a far look into the fu­ture, “The Hunger Games: Catch­ing Fire” is Nov. 2013’s biggest release and perhaps one of the big­gest anticipations of the year.

Alexandra D’Aluisio can be reached at Alexandra.daluisio@student.shu.edu.

Author: Staff Writer

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