Mixed reviews for Dunkin’

While Seton Hall runs on Dunkin’, students are divided about whether they do the same.

The eatery has been open for a semester, the lines are long and service is slow at Dunkin’ Donuts located on the second floor of the Walsh Library. While some students have had negative experiences at the busy establishment, some are happy with the service.

Manager Allen DeMaci said he was not able to comment.

Sophomore finance major Jinita Patel said that while she enjoys the food at Dunkin’ Donuts, she does not enjoy the slow service there.

“The food is good because it’s Dunkin’, but I don’t go often because the service is slow and the lines are always out the door,” Patel said.

Sophomore education major Kathleen Amora agreed with Patel. She said speedier service would encourage her to spend more of her Pirate Bucks there.

“I wish they would be more efficient with their service and a bit nicer,” Amora said. “Maybe then I would go there more often.”

However, sophomore occupational therapy major Alex Lembo said that the Dunkin’ employees are “kind and quick.” She said that as a commuter she goes to the campus Dunkin’ Donuts every day and enjoys it but wishes this location offered the same items as others.

“They don’t have strawberry cream cheese, which is my favorite,” Lembo said. “That’s the only thing I wish was different at this Dunkin’.”

Other students said they have had trying experiences with the service. According to junior education major Christina Lombardo, employees had given her the wrong order two out of the five times she has been there.

While this may irk some, Lombardo said that she likes Dunkin’ Donuts on campus and that it is convenient.

Many students, such as junior political science major John Fernandes Jr., are neutral about the service at Dunkin’ Donuts. He said that he understands if employees are not as efficient as they may be expected to be by some.

“It depends on who’s working at night. They’re kind of out of it but who wouldn’t be at that hour?” Fernandes said.

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Author: Tiffany Do

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