Anime Club finally brought to light

Members of Seton Hall’s Anime Club are not only interested in Japanese cartoons.

President Chris Gbogi said he plays video games such as massive multiplayer online role playing games when he isn’t running the Anime Club. He said he likes these types of games because he can “level up” and also “level grind.” Level grinding is a term used to describe the process of engaging in repetitive and/or non-entertaining gameplay.

“This is my favorite because I concentrate on games where the level means less and the skill of the actual person can prevail over those with a higher level,” Gbogi said.

The public relations and action team leader of the Anime Club, Jeffrey Antoine, said his favorite types of video games are fighting games such as “Tekken” because he likes the mechanics of the game in general.

The Action Team is a group inside the Anime Club that helps to organize events and activities, according to Antoine.

The Anime Club came to Seton Hall late 2007. Before it was a club, it was just an anime group, according to its members.

They said that a normal meeting for the Anime Club members consists of learning about the different types of anime.

“We try to mix up the genres in order for members to get a mix for types of anime they may be interested in,” Gbogi said. “We also go over current news about Japanese culture each meeting.”

They have plenty of competitions and events. During Halloween they had a scavenger hunt with prizes ranging from Pokemon cards to unicorn stuffed animals, according to Gbogi.

Gbogi said the club also hosts several contests for its members such as a logo contest and an anime music video contest where members create their own music video from different clips of anime and music.

“We have more contests planned for the future which will lead to our Anime Jeopardy and game show contests,” Gbogi said.

Seton Hall does not have an official gaming club yet.

“I am surprised that it took this long to form one,” Gbogi said. “Seton Hall requires that everyone must get a laptop, which automatically gives every student one huge source of gaming.”

Anime members said to be an official club at Seton Hall, the organization had to submit their proposal to the Student Government Association, which normally has the club go into effect the following semester.

Meetings are held in Fahy Room 108 at 8:30 on Thursday nights.

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