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At the start of every new year we all scurry to create the perfect resolution. Most people pledge to hit the gym more, which explains the influx of students at the rec center in January, and others claim they will manage their time better. There are certain resolutions that we just expect people to have because they are the same ones every year, but creating a goal for the new year can be more creative than just hoping to be more organized. As college students we have the opportunity to create goals specific to our time at Seton Hall. Why not resolve to get a certain G.P.A or study a certain amount of hours each day? Our staff has provided some of their resolutions below and we have included a guide to making the best goal for yourself in 2013.

“My New Year’s resolution is to make more time to simply relax. In 2013, I of course want to remain committed to my responsibil¬≠ities, but I will also make sure that I have enough spare time to just take it easy.” – Sean Quinn, Assistant Pirate Life Editor

“My resolutions for this semester are to get a job after graduation and move into another apartment. And graduate first, of course.” – Melissa Murray, Staff Writer

“My New Year’s resolution is to manage my time better and see my family more often” – Amanda Boyer, Staff Writer

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