Wiggio.com makes it easier for students to work in groups

Seton Hall Public Relations and Marketing students have created an easy way for students to work in groups through the free online workshop Wiggio.com, according to one of the creators and junior Meagan Cunningham.

“Wiggio was created by students for students,” Cunningham said.

Marketing Director for Wiggio Shannon Legotsky said she supplied information to the student run Public Relations firm on campus so Seton Hall students can utilize these tools to enhance group projects.

Wiggo is a free online workshop application that makes it easy to work in a group setting. Students are able to upload, edit and create documents and it makes it easy to send mass messages, videos, and emails, according to Legotsky.

One of the Creators of the event and Senior Sabrina Browne said that “using Wiggio with my Bateman Team has been able to keep everyone on the same page.”

She added that every tool that is needed to create a presentation or group project can be found online through the use of this tool.

Cunningham said she utilizes the mass video option on the site the most.

“My favorite tool is the mass video button that allows me to record, send and play a video all in one tab,” Cunningham said. “Even better is everything I send and receive goes straight to my SHU email account.”

Also, these students are holding a stress buster event tonight from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the University Center where students can go to relax a bit before hours of studying, according to Cunningham.

She said students who attend will be asked to donate new or worn clothing, canned food and packaged toiletries to donate for Hurricane Sandy relief.

Freshman Lauren Goldsberry said she is looking forward to the event.

“Everyone knows the backbreaking stress that come along with finals,” Goldsberry said. “It would be nice to get a break from all of it.”

Cunningham said the program will allow students to engage in events such as water pong, raffles, and the distribution of free food. At the workshop, Wiggio.com will be presented and students will learn how to benefit from this site.

“Working in groups can be stressful and keeping up with a chain of emails can become complicated,” Cunningham said.

She added that the great thing about Wiggio is that it allows students to edit and combine individual assignments and make it accessible for everyone in one place. Students can sign up at Wiggio.com/Setonhall.

Tyler Manzi can be reached at tyler.manzi@student.shu.edu.

Author: Staff Writer

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