Library starts 24/7 early; adjusts hours for spring

As of next semester, Walsh Library will open at 8 a.m. instead of 7 a.m. and will close at 2 a.m. from Sunday to Thursday, a change announced by John Buschman, dean of University libraries.

According to Bushman, the 24/7 period for final exams which already started this week, will begin one week earlier in the spring on April 21 instead of April 28.

“Between (Dunkin’ Donuts), the 2 a.m. hours and going to 24/7, that should help address some of what the students have been asking for,” Buschman said in an email.

“The data showed we had few here at 7:30 a.m. and lots here at 1:30 a.m. – only made sense,” he said.

Drew Holden, SGA academic affairs chairman, said he is “satisfied that the changes have taken place” and said he believes “they provide a serious benefit to the student population at Seton Hall.”

“That being said, this is a step in the right direction, which doesn’t mean that we’re already where we want to end up,” he added.

Holden said he is looking to evaluate how these library hours stack up to the needs of the students.

“If we find that the library is still busy at 2 a.m. the way it is busy at 1 a.m. now, I’ll keep looking to move back the time to where it is as consistent with student usage patterns as it can possibly be,” Holden said.

Additionally during the 24/7 period this semester, a uniformed Public Safety Officers will be in the library overnight, according to Bushman.

There will be radio connection to Public Safety and the officer will be doing “thorough building walk-throughs,” according to Bushman.

“This is not because our students hang from the light fixtures during the overnight hours (far from it), but for their safety and security,” Bushman said. “It is a big improvement, and I sleep better with this in place.”

According to Holden, a few students were kicked out of the study rooms at 1 a.m. this week when the third and fourth floors closed.

Bushman said he has instructed the third and fourth floor study rooms to remain open past 1 a.m. going forward.

The hour shift can be done without adding or laying off library staff, and the University plans to have the back entrance to Dunkin’ Donuts built by next semester, Bushman said.

“I think that fitting the hours to the needs of the students is still a top priority,” Holden said. “Now we need to evaluate whether or not these changes have assuaged student concerns or not and move forward from there.”

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