Ke$ha showcases authentic talent in recent album, ‘Warrior’

Fans can look forward to less auto-tune and more vocal performance from Ke$ha in the pop star’s sophomore album, “Warrior.”

The album, released on Dec. 4, showcas­es Ke$ha’s personality, vocal abilities and song writing skills more so than on her first album, “Animal,” something that occurs often with new artists’ debuts.

In an interview with Reuters, Ke$ha promised to reveal a new and more vulner­able side to her music with the upcoming release.

“I feel like people really got to know the super-wild side of me,” she said. “But then sometimes a more vulnerable side – I didn’t really feel comfortable expressing it. So this time I kind of forced myself to express a little bit more vulnerability, less Auto-Tune, less vocal trickery. It’s a little more raw.”

While “Animal” was a bate to get fans’ attention with fun party tracks like “Tik Tok” and “Blah Blah Blah,” “Warrior” gives fans the fun they expect with “Out Alive,” “Supernatural” and “Dirty Love.” but adds mellow and emotional tunes like “Last Goodbye,” “Love Into The Light” and “Wonderland.”

Her first single “Die Young” has already acquired its own success receiving frequent airplay on popular radio stations.

The album also features rock icon Iggy Pop and lead singer of The Strokes, Julian Casablancas to further emphasize the art­ist’s true musicality.

Ke$ha wants to prove to audiences that she is a dynamic artist and there are no con­straints when it comes to her music. She additionally told Reuters, “You don’t have to just be one thing, like, you don’t adhere to any sort of stereotype or any boundaries or any rules, and so for me it’s really fun to break down these boundaries.”

Overall this album is promising and of­fers even more to fans than her successful first release.

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