Students feel effects of missed week of class

The delayed registration and missed week of classes affected students differently.

Alyssa Lysenko, a junior busi­ness major, said she has had a stressful history with the registra­tion process.

“In my specific case, registra­tion from semester to semester has been awful,” Lysenko said.

“Since I transferred, my grad­uation is a semester late. I techni­cally should be graduating in May of 2013. Now, I am in school for an extra semester, waiting until all of my requirements are fulfilled.”

But this time, Lysenko said, her spring registration ended posi­tively.

“My schedule did end up flow­ing very nicely,” she said. “There were very few times when I felt overwhelmed in this registration process, since it was laid out very clearly by both my adviser and the Stillman student assistance desk.”

Lysenko added that what she is feeling is the same as all seniors.

“The nervous feelings I felt throughout were the same ones felt by all seniors, mainly around getting the classes I needed at good times with good professors,” she said.

In addition to registration, the missed week has affected the fall semester, making its fast-approaching end difficult for the some students.

Sophomore Danielle Sanatana said school work has since been stressful.

“I feel like we’ve been rushed because of the missed week of school,” she said.

Santana noted too that the re­maining weeks of the semester are busier than usual.

“Teachers are trying to pack the classes with a lot of work and lessons to make up for the missed work. It’s so overwhelming.”

Sanatana said that with the end of the semester so close, the academic pressure is just getting worse.

“I feel like midterms just end­ed a couple days ago,” she said. “It is way too much, all at once. I just want to do well on all my finals.”

Although the stress of the fall semester will end, Sanatana said she holds similar worries for the coming spring.

“I’m nervous for next semes­ter,” she said.

Sanatana said she fears the spring semester because she be­lieves it will be harder.

“Spring semester tends to feel much longer and tedious. Also, the courses I’m taking next semester are a little more challenging,” she said.

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