Are three finals too many for students to handle a day?

The rumor about the Univer­sity not being allowed to schedule a student for three exams in one day is false.

Sophomore Nicolle Segarra said she heard the rumor about fi­nals scheduling but was upset to find out it was not true.

“I thought that the University couldn’t schedule more than two exams in a day for a student but I looked at my finals schedule and found out I actually had three fi­nals in one day,” she said.

As she talked about her up­coming finals, Segarra said that this was already stressful. Finding out she had three finals in one day added on to the stress.

“Being a biology major is stressful enough but throwing in three cumulative finals in one day makes it so much worse,” she said.

“Finals are tough enough for students; taking three in just a few hours seems nearly impossible.”

Junior Larry Garafola agrees with Segarra and proposed an­other way in which the University could organize the exam schedule.

“I think Seton Hall should make some kind of testing center where if exams conflict then the student has the right to take it on at the center while an instructor is present,” he said.

As for actually studying and preparing for finals week, Segarra said all students prepare and stress differently.

“I’m already preparing myself for finals week because I know how much I have to do,” she said.

“I can’t help but stress about it and start studying now but that is just my way of preparing.”

Garafola on the other hand chose to relax for the moment.

“I don’t stress about them now; it will only make matters worse for when it is actually finals week,” he said.

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