Vinyl records industry joins forces with celebrities to save local stores this season

Amidst the clamor of swiped credit cards, weighed down shop­ping carts and swarms of im­patient consumers, audiophiles around the country embarked on a slightly different journey than the materialism of Black Friday: the support of their local re­cord store.

Going halves with the biggest shopping holi­day of the season, the fourth annual Record Store Day (a time dedicated to the independent­ly owned, locally supported, brick and mortar music shops) sought out to save the smaller side of the music industry: Vinyl Records.

In 2007 the confined pre­cepts of the digital entertain­ment age marked the decline of a local musical community found in neighborhood record stores. This proved cause for alarm for Record Store Day founder Chris Brown of Bull Moose Records. Brown teamed up with various store owners and music producers who shared similar worries to create support for the nonpartisan face of music. Although the third Sat­urday of every April is more of­ten associated as the original and highly celebrated day, in 2010 a second day honoring records was added.

In a YouTube video celebrating the 89 album releases during this year’s Black Friday, Brown announced just how ben­eficial the invention has been.

“At the indepen­dent level there are more [record stores] than there were a few years ago,” he said. “The demand of vinyl is increas­ing.”

This year’s RSD had help from art­ists from the Avant-garde pop culture such as Dr. Dog, M-83 and Edward Sharpe as well as timeless classics David Bowie, The Roll­ing Stones and Bob Dylan offer­ing their support with vinyl-only record releases. Not only did they release new albums but also spe­cial and limited collectible reis­sues featuring colored vinyl and exclusive content. Surprise-in store-performances also popped up sporadically throughout the 700 independently owned stores in the country. All attributed to­wards the survival of the non-cor­porate sub-culture of music.

RSD is essentially still in the honeymoon phase of the move­ment, but with the high demand of vinyl and more stores getting involved by the minute proves there is a new day on the horizon for local record stores. For more information regarding a full list of albums released, participating stores and upcoming dates visit their website at www.recordstore­

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