Roommate competition ‘shows in the pool’

For the typical Seton Hall junior, their roommate is a good friend they’ve met through their first years of college. They know how to make each other angry, happy, and know what’s best for each other. However, junior swimmers Jane Ehret and Kerrie Kolackovsky aren’t exactly the typical roommates.

Ehret and Kolackovsky have lived together for three years and their chemistry in the pool seems to be evident due to the team’s 7-0 record this season.

The two met at the age of 12 in Buffalo and have been insepa­rable ever since.

“We would keep in touch with each other through Facebook and Instant Messenger through the years,” Ehret said. “When we both found out that we were going to Seton Hall we both de­cided that we wanted to room together and have stuck it out the past three years. We have this en­ergy that really feeds off of each other.”

Head Coach Ron Farina said he loves that Ehret and Ko­lackovsky are living together and thinks that it is a great match.

“I definitely think they’re best friends both in the pool and out­side the pool,” Farina said. “They know how to push each other further than anyone, and it really shows in the pool. They have both helped contribute to the great suc­cess we’ve had this year, and in the history of our program.”

Their competitiveness and drive shows both in and out the pool and out. Kolackovsky says the two are equally competitive when it comes to swimming.

“We both love the sport, we both love our teammates,” Ko­lackovsky said. “We just want to swim well for our team and Ron and Angelo and succeed.”

Ehret and Kolackovsky have qualified for the Big East Cham­pionship in their freshman and sophomore years.

Through their ups and downs as roommates and best friends, the swimmers continue to push each other and strive for each other’s best interest.

“We are both the two most serious swimmers on the team. We go to bed early, get our home­work done right on time and never have any excuses,” Ehret said. “We are both really focused and determined to succeed in the pool and everything else we do. But we are both very different. I like to go out while Kerrie likes to stay in and watch a movie. We have been through our ups and downs and we always push each other no matter what.”

As far as how they prepare for every meet, the roommates have a ritual to get themselves ready.

“We listen to Taylor Swift and we paint our nails,” Kolackovsky said. “She is very essential to our pre-match ritual and she keeps us both very motivated. I’m just ob­sessed with her.”

Ehret qualified for the 2013 Big East Championships in the 100- and 200-yard butterfly. She also made the B-Cut for the 200-yard freestyle and the 200-yard individual medley.

Kolackovsky has qualified for seven events for the Big East Championship, including the 200- and 500-yard freestyle, the 100- and 200-yard butterfly, the 100- and 200-yard breast stroke, and the 200- and 400-yard indi­vidual medley.

With their competitive nature being very evident, the two will compete against each other in an upcoming 400-yard individ­ual medley race, in which Ehret holds the school record.

In the meet against Saint Pe­ter’s, Kolackovsky won the 400-yard individual medley 13 sec­onds ahead of the second place winner, capturing her team-best ninth victory. Ehret finished in fifth.

Farina said he has a prediction for the result of the race.

“I think this is something that will be very fun to watch,” Farina said. “If I had to pick a winner, I would definitely say it would be a tie.”

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