Lotus’ helps star revive career

The first album after her divorce, Chris­tina Aguilera’s album ‘Lotus,’ was released on Nov. 13 and shows listeners that she can’t be broken.

While Aguilera’s album pulls from vari­ous genres of music, including electronic dance music and African rhythms, she still maintains her signature powerhouse voice. Each track is so different from one another, yet they come together harmoniously to create a cohesive album that showcases her range and emotion.

Aguilera collaborates with her fellow judges on The Voice. The track “Make the World Move,” featuring Cee Lo Green, is funky and soulful, while her duet with Blake Shelton, “Just a Fool,” reveals her feelings about her divorce. She belts, “I had my heart set on you, but nothing else hurts like you do.” Her voice compliments both artists, showing her ability to adapt to each genre.

The single “Your Body” is the most mainstream of the album, from the overly sensual lyrics to the conventional dance beats.

Similarly, the song “Army of Me” talks about “rising up” against the challenges that she has faced. Her voice sounds the most similar to songs from her previous albums, like “Fighter,” which focus solely on how loud she can sing.

‘Lotus’ primarily consists of powerful, up­beat songs, which makes the slower songs more impactful. Aguilera in “Blank Page” opens up to listeners about her failed rela­tionship, saying that “[she] would do any­thing for us to make it through.” She holds back her usual belt, hitting high notes with grace and passion.

Aguilera also shows her humor in the song “Around the World,” which pays tribute to her older song “Lady Marmalade.”

The most unusual and out-of-place track is the opening “Lotus Intro.” It is overly elec­tronic and auto-tuned, but the phrase “rise up Lotus rise this is the beginning” disclos­es the theme of the entire album. If this is any indication of her future work, Christina Aguilera has only just begun to show us her true talent.

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Author: Staff Writer

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