Dressing on a dime

While it is sometimes easier to roll out of bed and go to class in sweatpants and an oversized sweatshirt, there comes a time in every college student’s life where he or she wants to take the time to get dressed in the morning. Go­ing to college close to New York City gives us an advantage when it comes to being trendy and look­ing put-together-because one of the world’s biggest fashion hubs is literally right next door. So, after looking through magazines or flip­ping on the television to see great outfits only to realize their price tags don’t coincide with a college student’s budget, one might ask, “how can I afford that?” Thank­fully there are many stores and brands that realize the major need for affordable clothing that still re­mains on-trend.

Forever 21 and H&M

The two stores are very similar and can be found online and in most malls in the area. They carry both men’s and women’s clothing and pride themselves on having their merchandise move quickly through the store. This means that as seasons, months or even weeks change, the clothing trends will al­ways be produced and met quick­ly. Additionally, it is 100 percent possible to buy a complete outfit including shoes and accessories for under $100 – a feat that can be praised by everyone.


Hautelook is a members-only website (that is free to sign up for) that features daily showrooms of discounted clothing, shoes, makeup, sunglasses, home prod­ucts and tons more. Not only does the site have hundreds of amazing products on sale everyday, it also showcases major brands such as American Apparel, Jessica Simp­son and Dolce and Gabbana. Once you sign up, you will receive daily emails about what sales are going on in the near future so that you have the chance to log on and browse the items before the sell out.

Thrift Stores

Although shopping in a second-hand store sometimes comes with a negative connotation, the fact of the matter is that you can find hidden treasures at thrift stores. Treasure Finds on South Orange Avenue and South Orange Con­signment on Valley Street are two local options that are easily ac­cessible. Before you decide to go into a thrift store, think of your shopping trip as a treasure hunt; you have to sometimes dig to find exactly what you want, but it is all worth it in the end.

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