Registration starts Monday, priority system discarded

Student registration has been pushed back again, to Monday, Nov. 12.

According to an email from the Provost, the Spring 2013 course listing will go online on Thursday afternoon, although some departments still may need to make changes to their listings.

In addition, the University has scrapped its alphabetical priority schedule. All seniors can register on Monday starting at 9 a.m., according to the Provost.

“Please note that some departments may need to make final edits to the schedule during the remainder of the week,” the email read.

According to Vice President of Student Services Dr. Tracy Gottlieb, the University wanted to make sure students have enough time to get the advising help they need in the wake of Sandy.

“We will be delaying pre-registration until Monday, Nov. 12 to allow more time for advising and posting the schedule,” Gottlieb said.

Sophomore Natalie Giovanetti said she is glad to have more time to set up an appointment with her adviser.

“I was actually getting kind of worried about setting up an appointment,” Giovanetti said. “I am relieved that I have a little more time. I was already stressed about all of the extra work I have to do to make up for the week lost to Sandy.”

Registering senior Ashlie Verano said she set up her appointment months ago with her adviser and is prepared for registration whenever it starts, although she understands the need for registration to be pushed back.

“I think it’s good the University pushed back registration for those who needed it,” Verano said.

All juniors will register on Nov. 14, all sophomores on Nov. 16 and freshmen on Nov. 26. The system will be offline Nov. 21-25 for Thanksgiving. All times begin at 9 a.m.

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