Students want 24/5 library hours

For students wondering when library hours will be permanently extended to a 24/5 schedule, SGA said it is working to do this, according to SGA President Joseph Donato.

“The policy of SGA is to expand services, and we will continue to advocate for a 24/5 library,” he said. “We are in the process of making it.”

Senior and transfer student Kara Caroccio said she was both surprised and disappointed to find that the library was not open all night.

“That was a disappointment when I came here,” Caroccio said. “I was led to believe that the library would be open 24/7.”

Donato added that he does not know exactly when this will happen because SGA recently has put academic affairs on top priority.

He said a survey will eventually go out this year to engage students in the process of making these decisions and find out their thoughts and concerns. He does not know exactly when this will happen or exactly what this survey will entail.

Caroccio said she would like to see library hours being extended become a main issue to push for.

“Library hours should be a top priority,” Caroccio said.

Sophomore Natalie Giovanetti said she agrees with Caroccio that library hours should be pushed to be later.

“Some people work better at night,” Giovanetti said. “I think they definitely should be open later.”

Senior Joseph Altongy said students would be encouraged to go to the library and engage in other extra-curricular activities if they had a place to go to study.

“It would give more time to get their homework done,” Altongy said.

Caroccio said that she works better on the weekend because she doesn’t have time to get work done during the week, but she has nowhere to go on the weekends to study.

“I can get the most homework done on Saturdays,” Caroccio said. “But I have to go to Jubilee to get it done.”

Donato said that students can visit SGA’s Facebook page to learn more about the issues that it is working to address. SGA meetings are every other Monday in the Chancellor’s Suite, and all students are welcome to attend.

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Author: Lindsay Rittenhouse

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