Nine freshmen prepped for medical, dental school during summer

Seton Hall’s Pre-Medical/Pre- Dental Plus Program enrolled nine students for summer 2012.

The primary goal of PMPDPP is to keep a supportive environment that will allow students to thrive academically, according to Dr. Hasani Carter, director of the program.

This experience aims to help students gain acceptance into medical and dental schools. It involves a four-year undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree program with liberal arts fundamentals.

The program is similar to the Equal Opportunity Program,” Carter said.

According to Carter, the program was designed to “provide access and opportunities to students who would not be able to afford the cost of Seton Hall University.”

This year’s students participated in several community service events and attended health care workshops.

The program takes place in the summer at Seton Hall University over the course of seven weeks.

Carter described the program as “commitment and family” oriented.

He added that it is used to “provide support to a number of students.”

All students were also provided with numerous math and science tutorial sessions.

The PMPDPP class of 2016 said the program taught them to “collaborate and work as a team.”

By communicating with each other, students developed strong bonds and were able to meet deadlines, Carter said.

“(The) program looks for students who are dedicated to helping others and are committed to making a difference,” Carter said.

The program continues to produce successful students and as Carter said, to “raise awareness.”

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