Amnesty International advocates taking action

The theme behind Amnesty International’s documentary screening of “Shift” on Oct. 16 in the Jubilee Hall Auditorium was changing the views of western countries, according to Secretary Amanda Gagne.

“It is definitely going to engage people, especially since there is a shift going on in North Korea,” Gagne said.

The documentary shows how the lead networking site Link helps North Korean refugees escape, and how students can raise awareness to shift the politicians’ perspective to the people’s perspective and spread awareness about human rights violations.

Chi Ko, one of Link’s Nomads, spoke about how social media can affect the change in perception.

“As soon as people hear these stories, they will feel moved to act on this issue,” Ko said.

With hopes in the young generation, Ko said she believes that the energy students have can drastically change the world.

“I truly believe that the young people have the enthusiasm and dream to change this country,” Ko said.

With social media emerging as a major influence on global development, Gagne said she is hopeful.

“Social media can engage people of all ages around the world by spreading the stories,” she said. “It is a great way to reach out to people and reach the right people who can actually do something about it.”

According to the vice president of Amnesty International, Mary Beliveau, the club meets weekly to discuss current international events and to promote both awareness and activism.

“Activism opens up opportunities in many ways, whether it is working with Amnesty or working with Link,” Beliveau said. “We had actually had one of the students that came to the screening freshman year end up interning for the year.”

President Claire McGuinness said she hopes to show documentaries like this on a regular basis because students are excited about them.

“There are so many issues that people will love to be a part of, if they only had the opportunity,” McGuinness said.

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