Colbie Callait puts new twist on Christmas album

Although Christmas is not normally associated with sand, Colbie Caillat’s new album “Christmas in the Sand” is sure to bring the two elements together in a way many people will appreciate.

Caillat’s record is unlike other traditional wintery-Christmas album because it was written with people spending Christmas on tropical beaches in mind. Her smooth relaxing vocals fit perfectly with thoughts of vacation on listeners’ minds.

Caillat, who literally wrote the album in the sand on the beach in California, said in an interview with Billboard Magazine, “I was like, ‘not everyone lives in the snow or cold places for Christmas, so why don’t we write some songs for them to be able to relate to what their Christmas is like?”

In her original song “Christmas in the Sand,” Caillat describes Santa, whose sleigh is replaced with a surfboard, washing up on the beach bearing gifts. The playful song describes a carefree laid back kind of Christmas.

Caillat also gives listeners something new by adding a country sound into a few of her songs. The album features country singer Brad Paisley. Paisley on the song “Merry Christmas Baby.” This collaboration further assists Caillat in capturing the relaxing vibe she was aiming for.

In addition to the new songs, Christmas classics like “Baby It’s Cold Outside,” “Winter Wonderland” and “Silver Bells” are also present with new renditions that make them seem fresh and interesting.

Other Christmas favorites covered by Caillat on the album include “Santa Baby,” “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town” and “The Christmas Song.”

Overall the album is unique in its aim and Caillat’s voice is pristine and charming as usual.

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