Nokia cell phones will now be available to upperclassmen

The new smart phones issued to freshmen this semester are becoming available to upperclassmen as well.

The Teaching, Learning and Technology Center approved eight to nine proposals for mobile grants that would integrate the use of smart phones into learning, Chair of the Faculty Senate IT Committee and associate professor Dr. Bert Wachsmuth said.

According to Wachsmuth, some of the approved proposals allotted smart phones to graduate students and various classrooms. Wachsmuth said he received 22 Nokia Lumina 900 smart phones to issue to students in his Statistical Studies for the Social Sciences class, an Arts and Sciences core class.

The proposal Wachsmuth said he submitted was to use the phones for access to the StatCrunch mobile application. He said many students face difficulty when trying to insert data into a typical Texas Instruments calculator, which is why most statistics courses use StatCrunch.

StatCrunch “provides data analysis via the Web,” according to It allows students to “upload data for analysis, export results and create reports.”

Statcrunch makes statistics more convenient compared to using traditional TI calculators. However, the necessity of a laptop, which is a necessity in order to use this program, can make things inconvenient, according to Wachsmuth.

The StatCrunch mobile app “will let the students perform statistical analysis anywhere on the fly,” Wachsmuth said.

He also added that he “might expand the project to use the phone to gather data as well, which would be very convenient, and with the StatCrunch software students could analyze that data on the spot.”

Junior Jessica Formichella is excited about using the phones in class. “Especially since we weren’t able to get them when freshmen did,” Formichella said.

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