GrooveBoston ‘successful’ despite trips to hospital, arrest

GrooveBoston ended with a few transports to the hospital and an arrest, but according to Assistant Director of Public Safety Patrick Linfante, the event is still seen as a success.

Linfante said there were six students taken to the hospital for intoxication with one other arrested.

Sophomore Nicole Fischer said she saw a person being taken away on a stretcher and another arrested.

“I saw one girl that was arrested right outside the doors,” Fischer said.

Linfante said although there were a few incidents that occurred, it was not by any means, a disastrous event and he thought the overall experience went pretty smoothly.

“I think a lot went right at GrooveBoston,” Linfante said. “The attendance at the event was recorded at 2,500 plus students.”

Assistant Dean of Students for Student Activities Mariel Pagan said this is the second year Seton Hall has worked with GrooveBoston and it is a professional and organized company. She said, “So far we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback.”

At this time, Pagan said she did not speak with the Student Activities Board in-depth about the event.

“We will take the time to access the event thoroughly with the Student Activities Board to determine if we should bring GrooveBoston back again,” Pagan said.

“Public Safety, of course, would prefer an event with no intoxicated students and no reported arrests,” Linfante said.

Fisher said she believes that the hospital transportations were inevitable.

“It’s a large-scale event; these things are bound to happen,” Fischer said. “I still had fun.”

Linfante said he saw GrooveBoston as a success.

“Taking everything into consideration, size of the crowd and the few reported problems, the event by any standards would be considered successful,” Linfante said.

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Author: Lindsay Rittenhouse

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